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To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations for the Salvation of the Unsaved and the Empowerment of the Saved to live up to their full potentials in Christ.


Gilbert and Favor Samba

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Our Story

I grew up in Church but only had a personal relationship with Christ in 2003. In the year 2005 while in form five in secondary school, I preached my first public sermon in a Bible Club in GTHS Molyko from 1Cor 9:24-27. We had 203 persons in attendance; the highest number the club had ever seen. By passers and onlookers were drawn into the hall because of the energy that was being generated. With words from the club leader and confirmations from the Lord, I knew from then that I had a call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. I later became a lay preacher with The Apostolic Church in Buea and moved from city to city preaching in churches and crusades. One of those days while praying at a night vigil in 2010, the Lord told me “I have put a Great Assignment in your hands that will carry the gospel to the nations. But do not be in a rush or try to go ahead of Me. Walk with Me and I will reveal it to you progressively. But for now, keep serving where you are”. I took special note of those words. It was only in 2018 that the Lord shed more light on this vision and gave me the name of the ministry and the branches as seen below. 

In 2012, I got a scholarship to study Expository Bible preaching from the London Cornhill Training Course extension campus in Abuja Bible College in Nigeria. While there in school, the Lord began to lay a burden on my heart for the SALVATION OF MY PEOPLE (the people of Momo Division in Cameroon’s Northwest region). Having been brought up in Buea (Southwest region), each time I visited Momo, I always noticed how far behind my hometown was in terms of the gospel. From their practices, number of churches, and even church attendance; you could tell that most of these people have not been reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I then went on to create a Facebook group called “Salvation for Momo” where we began praying for the villages in Momo. I later moved to the USA in 2015 and the burden became even heavier. The Lord also expanded the vision to include the organization of non-denominational conferences from city to city, nation to nation; with the aim of empowering believers and uniting the Church which is so divided. The Lord also told us to proclaim the Word through all forms of mass media so that the earth will be covered with the knowledge of God. These three assignments form the three main branches of EGO. 

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